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Well this change has come for a while
I didn't think you'd care
too much time sunk with the rhythm
boxed up and gasping for air

She's not the one you came with
she's not the one you want
so don't you be ashamed if
the exit sign is on

it's not so simple my dear
it's not that easy
you want this change to happen
and now you think you're done

look me in the eyes and
face me when you say
please, don't start the fire
we'll all burn anyway

You're so iconic
you've got what no one can touch
yeah, you're so iconic
cause it's your only crutch

You're so iconic
you've got what no one can touch
yeah, you're so ironic
and it's your only crutch

I met a man last week
propped up on pins and needles
I asked him to speak and
tell me just what is real

he pulled his head up from the bed,
cleared his throat and said
you'll never know just what you want
and we'll all burn down instead

whether you're dragging a grave
or pushing one in front
your pride is underground
your mind is on the hunt

he smiled and said it's all in vain
if there's one thing he knows
we'll never find just what we want
and we'll all burn anyway


from Découverte, released March 23, 2015


all rights reserved



PrototypeRaptor Dallas, Texas

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