Unreleased I

by PrototypeRaptor

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Elliot Prior
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Elliot Prior Wonderful, high energy, bouncy ear candy. Love every second of it. Favorite track: Thrillseeker.
Kevin North
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Kevin North Drive Hard is one of the first songs from PrototypeRaptor I discovered, and it was so incredibly perfect that I've listened to all of his other music ever since. Favorite track: Drive Hard.
Stefan Macho
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Stefan Macho hi i just pruchased your unreleases i album. i am a big fan of chipmusic. i try to make chipstunemusic myself. i like the bulding up of the track over 6-7 minutes. Its a thing i am used to. i grew up listening to early trance music. nowaday i am missing the slow buildup in the newer commercial releases. please do more stuff like this in the future. I also like how you transposed the theme via different tracks. its a very nice mix. thanks for your effort. you are doing great work Favorite track: Drive Hard.


At long last, soundcloud exclusives and some unreleased tracks get to see the light of day -- they'll also be available on most streaming sites soon, if you like that sort of thing.

"8bit is Just the Beginning" in particular has been kicking around in various forms since 2010(!)

Although some of these are out there for free already, this here's the only place to get lossless copies -- thanks for listening!


P.S. The next EP is ~75% done, I'm spending a lot of time in the studio right now, so get ready for more (actually new) music soon!


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released July 21, 2016


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